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“Simply Delicious for Your Skin”
Choosing the natural alternative for skin care products is an indication of your commitment to improving your skin. Our exquisite products are especially formulated to perform on three levels: to feel wonderful to touch (this enhances the pampering experience), to penetrate deeply into the skin (to maximize rejuvenating properties) and to provide a visible difference at first application. 
Q.  Have you ever thought how much you would love a product that is professional, simple to use, safe, natural and    gives results every time you use them? 
Q. Would you like a product that analyses the skin every day and adjusts according to the environment and the skins daily requirement? 
Q. Would you like a skin care range that works, summer, winter, spring and autumn and adjusts in any weather?
Q. Would you like a product that is affordable?
Q. Would you like to give your skin an experience of a luxury facial that excites all of the senses?
Q. Would you like a skin care company who understands what you do and what you need?
Q. Would you like a genuine product that tells you the truth and gives you what you expect?
A. CResults Skincare and Body care can give you all of the above.
Q. Why are we different?
1. CResults makes their base emollient, that means no synthetics or mineral oils.  No vegetable oils or palm oil. The      emollients are made from CResults Manuka Honey Skincare top shelf essential oils.
2. The active ingredient is cold pressed certified organic New Zealand Manuka Honey.
3. Large quantities of tested Bee Products 12+ organic Manuka Honey have been added to CResults formulas for maximum  results.
4. The properties of Manuka Honey are not lost or damaged by exposure to heat, moisture or UV light.
5. You wear a little Manuka honey on your skin all day and all night, naturally nourishing, hydrating and protecting your skin.
6. Tested, Active Manuka Honey is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
7. Manuka Honey is a powerful humectant drawing water to cells (cells are 75 % water).
8. All products have been developed as safe and natural as possible.
9. CResults uses the comforting light fragrance of Green Tea.
10. The beginning of change and improvement in the skin is almost immediate.
11. Suits all skin types and will balance cleanse and calm the skin.
12. Active Manuka Honey is highly effective on skin disorders e.g. acne, acne Rosacea, couprose, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dehydrated skin and damaged skin.
13. Suitable for sensitive skins, calming and moisturising.
14. Highly effective to restore the skin after sun and wind damage and other environmental factors.
15. Manuka Honey appears to have a positive effect on reducing pigmentation change.
Most Commonly Asked Questions
Q. What is Manuka?
A. Manuka is a species of Tea Tree shrub unique to New Zealand.  This indigenous tea tree, blossoms from December till January.  The bees extract nectar from the small white flower to produce honey.   Manuka Honey has been researched for 20 years at the Waikato University in New Zealand for its X factor, a unique feature clinically trialed to have excellent healing properties.  Manuka honey is different to other honeys.   New Zealand Manuka Honey maintains its X factor under stress such as heat, exposure to UV light and exposure to moisture.   
Q. Can you eat Manuka Honey?
A. Yes. It’s straight from the bee hive, gathered from pesticide free forests,  packaged and certified organic. 100% pure honey ready to put on your toast.
Q. What is Manuka Oil?
A. Pure oils extracted from the New Zealand Manuka shrubs.   Extremely strong, but less fatiguing on the skin than other tea tree extracts.  Manuka is a very fine oil and penetrates well.  CResults only uses East Cape oils because they have a proven higher concentration of Triketone (which is the antiseptic component in the oils).
Q. What is CResults offering?
A. CResults focuses on a holistic and natural approach towards well being. 

Not tested on animals  

Contains no mineral, vegetable, palm oil or heavy concentrations of unsafe ingredients.

CResults cream base is uniquely designed for CResults. Blends of quality essential oils have been formulated to        complement the Manuka honey and Manuka oil.

CResults uses natural ingredients or derivatives in simple, safe formulations wherever possible.

CResults sources 100% pure essential oils and tested Manuka Honey of the highest grade.
Q.  What shelf life do CResults products have?
A.  Three years plus
Excellent results on a full range of skin disorders dehydration, acne, normal and sensitive skin. Manuka Honey has the ability to analysis the skin and adjusts to its requirements, making the skin healthier and able to balance itself.  Reap all the benefits of Manuka Honey on your skin 24 hours a day.
You will acheive maximum results if you start your day with a Gentle Cleanser then a small amount of Manuka Honey.  Pat dry and compress the Moisturising Protective Day cream with 10% pure Manuka Honey before applying your make up.  At the end of the day cleanse the skin again with the Gentle Cleanser, pat dry and apply Hydrating Renewal Cream with 14% Manuka Honey, so while you are sleeping your skin reaps all the all the benefits of Manuka Honey and is fed with a rich Manuka Honey emollient, hydrating, repairing and rejuvenating the skin. 
Client Results:  No more hormonal pimples. No more oily skin.
Adds water not oil to the skin: softens, balances, maintains a radiant, natural, healthy glow to your skin.
Manuka Oil:  Professional, quality oil from the East Cape of New Zealand, renowned for its purity and potency.